Emergency Care


The doctors at Medina Vision Centre are trained in the medical management of ocular emergencies.  Not only are “same day” appointments available, but also the doctor “on-call” can be reached 24/7 after hours.  To reach the doctor on-call, simply dial 330-722-2150.  When the auto-attendant answers, press * to be directly connected to Dr. Beiling or Dr. Earley

Examples of ocular emergencies managed at Medina Vision Centre include:

  • Foreign body removal
  • Head or eye traumas
  • Sudden onset of floaters
  • Sudden reduction in vision
  • Eye pain
  • Scratched eye
  • Red eye(s)
  • And more

Our doctors are board certified to treat ocular trauma and are licensed to prescribe both topical and oral medications for their treatment.  In certain traumas, bandage contact lenses are applied to reduce pain and promote healing.

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